29th Aug, 2016

2017 Spring Collection Press Event

Walker Shop held 2017 Spring Collection Press Event at Asia International Hotel in Guangzhou on 29th August. At the event, professional models from all over the world were showcasing the 2017 spring collection to highlight the brands under Walker Shop in every corner of the venue.


At the catwalk, Walker Shop showcased a variety of its footwear brands, including the contemporary modern Forleria, the classic and fashionable Artemis, the simplistic Tru Nari, the comfy and casual Couber. G, the causal fashion Walaci and the popular England footwear brand, acupuncture. Each brand has its unique characteristics catering the vast array of needs for different customers.


For the photo, first photo can be attached photo, and the rest will be catwalk photo without product shot, please choose Artemis, Forleria, Couber G, Walaci, Tru Nari and Acupuncture catwalk photo.