WALKER SHOP started in 1993. In 2000, WALKER SHOP developed retail business into PRC market with the reputation in Hong Kong and opened retail stores in major cities in just a few years.



Founded in 1993, WALKER SHOP started a new trend of footwear fashion in the industry, bringing in new ideas in fashion design and quality collection to the Hong Kong Market. In 2000, WALKER SHOP took a leap into the China retail business and soon penetrated into key major cities in China after the solid foundation of robust business development and reputation in Hong Kong.


Today, WALKER SHOP has become a famous fashion brand in design for footwear products and has over 500 retail points covering China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and even an online shop to expand our market reach. Well-known for the wide collection of popular brands, WALKER SHOP offers customers of all age range the perfect choice of footwear style: Artemis, Forleria, Couber. G, Tru Nari, Walaci and Acupuncture.


WALKER SHOP has never stopped improving its brand. In 2016, WALKER SHOP inspired the design team by bringing a team of European designers to rebrand and re-design the collection. WALKER SHOP stands on the belief of exquisite quality, modern design and diverse style that makes WALKER SHOP a favorite brand for customers across the markets.